Associates can provide in-office or virtual sessions. Some therapists provide a full 60 minutes vs others provide 50 minutes (allowing for 10 minutes of note taking) and this is indicated in each therapist bio.

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Registered Clinical/Certified Counsellor (Masters Level), Art Therapy

Focus Areas:

Trauma, Anxiety/OCD, Depression, Self-Esteem, Children of divorce (at any age), Meditation, Fertility Journey, Chronic pain/illness, Fostering Attunement in Parent Child relationships, creating connection with the self, ADHD (children & adults), Dyad work (working with the parent and the child to foster attachment and connection), Art therapy (creative activities), DBT, Autism support for individuals and families.

Client age range: 5+
Office hours: In person/Virtual Monday & Tuesday 1:00pm-7:00. Virtual Wednesday 12:00-4:00
  • $160 per hour
  • Payment via etransfer, debit and credit card
  • Ask me regarding my services being covered should you have a health insurance plan.
Office location: Inglewood SE

Yoga and Ayurveda play a big role in who I am as a person, how I live my life, and how I view health, healing, and life. There is a yogic philosophy that we are born into this world having everything we need; however, through attachment to things, titles, and experiences we lose the capacity to see the power that lies within us. This attachment can lead to life feeling heavy, or stuck, or just too much which can lead to us feeling depleted and overwhelmed. If you are feeling called to the path of healing or you want some support navigating the bumps along the way I am honoured to walk with you and illuminate the strengths you already possess. 

I acknowledge that we all develop many hurts during our childhood, and we carry these hurts with us into adulthood, and these hurts begin to pattern all aspects of our lives. As much as we grow and become our own people, we are always our parents’ children and carry with us some of their heaviness. I am passionate about working with children of any age to offer support in shifting through the hurts and the heaviness to create patterns of behaviour and ways of being that are fulfilling and enlivening. 

My background in yoga led me to pursue an education in counselling psychology. My love of art and deep appreciation for the healing space it provides called me to pursue an education in art therapy.  I combine yoga theory, modern day psychology, and art therapy in my sessions to provide support for the body, mind, and soul. 

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance -Alan Watts